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Custom wedding crest with wild flower welcome sign

Custom wedding crest investment

Capture the essence of your love with our custom wedding crest, starting at €250. Adorned with delicate flowers and designed with meticulous attention to detail, our crest adds refined elegance to your special day. Imagine unveiling your personalized crest, featuring a bespoke arrangement of flowers that reflect your unique style and personality.

Beyond invitations and stationery, our custom wedding crest can be infused into your wedding decor, from breathtaking tablescapes to enchanting floral arrangements, creating lasting memories.

Invest in more than just a beautiful design; invest in a cherished heirloom symbolizing your unique journey together. Make your celebration truly unforgettable with our custom wedding crest, starting at €250.

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Celebrate your extraordinary love with a timeless wedding crest, a cherished heirloom to treasure forever and welcome your loved ones with joy!

  • 1. Choose your shield shape and color

    I have no limit to shield shape and color. Just let me know your palettes and preferences for shape. You can keep inspiration from my past wedding crests. Please, don't ask me to copy an other artist.

  • 2. Choose your banner shape and color

    You can write your wedding date, or your last name, or simply don't have a banner.
    No limit to shape!

  • 3. Choose your monogram design and color

    You can choose to use a calligraphic style, or to have a vintage monogram.

    Choose your letters here:
    Only 2 letters - Click here to see vintage letters
    2 or 3 letters - Click here to see modern calligraphy

    I don't make custom letters different from these 2 options. If you don't like these monograms, you can buy a monogram somewhere else and I will incorporate it.

  • 4. Choose your floral and greenery

    Just let me know which flowers and greenery you want to use.

    It can be related to your wedding or not.

    It can be helpful to share with me your moodboard.

  • 5. Add icons

    Add flags, a butterfly or other little extras that represents something special for you!

  • 6. Add a pet portrait

    You can add a painting of your dog or cat created with Procreate to your crest. You will also receive the separate file of this painting in addition to the addition to the coat of arms. Procreate is digital painting software. I paint hair by hair, without using tricks. The only thing I need is a well-lit photo that is large enough to see all the details. Of course, the colors should be true to what you would like.

    I offer also traditional pet drawings made with pencils.

  • 7. Add a venue portrait

    You can also add a watercolor painting of your venue. Here, too, you will receive the separate file. The original cannot be shipped outside of Italy. The price you see is only for the file or the print.

  • 8. Add two jars

    Add two watercolor jars with topiaries or flowers.

Learn about the process

Transform Gifts, Stationery, and Home Decor with Meaningful and Adorable Custom Crests!



  • Book a free consultation with me through the form at the end of this page. So you can tell me how you want your crest.

    Please note, custom crests investment starts from €250


    Purchase your crest

  • After the consultation you will receive your custom quote and a link to purchase your wedding crest.

    It's required also to sign a contract.


    Choose details

  • After you purchase a crest, I will contact you with an email and ask all the details I need to know about: shields, banner, colors, wedding date, letters, monogram, flowers, etc...

    After ask all these questions, I will send you a floral board with the flowers I want to use, and monogram proof. So you can tell me if you like or not. This is a preliminary step that help me to understand if I’m doing well.

    You will receive your first proof after few days (from 1 day to 10 days max).


    Revisions and changes

  • The sooner you will reply to me, the sooner I will make the revisions.
    Every crest come with 2 rounds of revisions included.
    So, after the first proof you can ask all the changes you want, you will receive a second proof, you can ask other changes, you will receive a third proof. Here you can approve the file or buy extra revisions. Every extra revision price is €50.

    Please understand that this stage of the process can be frustrating due to the back-and-forth nature of email correspondence. It will depends on how many revisions you asked.


    Receive the files

  • Once you approve the artwork, you cannot make any further changes. When you approve your crest, you will receive your PNG and JPG files with 300 dpi. The size of the crest is 16x18 inches, it means you can print up to this size. You can print smaller but not bigger.

    You will receive different files versions: with/without dogs, only dog or venue, with/without banner. Only flowers files are not included.

    The crest is an illustration and cannot be vector. I can transform it in a vector file, but it will loose the watercolor illustration.


    Print your crest

  • You can print by yourself, or select items from my shop. Every crest come with a personal use license. Commercial use is not included.

    If you want to print with me, the printing turnaround time is 7-10 days + 5/7 days for shipping.

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maria paola the wedding crest lab

About me

I started painting wedding crests during the pandemic when my old business, 'Wedding Graphic Designer,' came to a complete standstill.

Since 2021, I've opened a shop on Etsy and began creating floral crests for American brides. The demand for my work skyrocketed, and I realized that I had found my true calling in the world of wedding crests. My background as a graphic designer greatly helps me in creating impeccable print-ready files. All of my crests are designed to be printed up to A2 size, ensuring the highest quality and sharpness of details.

I personally own a professional photo plotter, which allows me to directly print my crests. In addition to printing on paper, I also offer the option to print my crests on various items such as napkins, mugs, pillows, and more. This allows you to further personalize your wedding and create a truly unique and memorable atmosphere.

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