I started painting wedding crests during the pandemic when my old business, 'Wedding Graphic Designer,' came to a complete standstill.

Since 2021, I've opened a shop on Etsy and began creating floral crests for American brides. The demand for my work skyrocketed, and I realized that I had found my true calling in the world of wedding crests. My background as a graphic designer greatly helps me in creating impeccable print-ready files. All of my crests are designed to be printed up to A2 size, ensuring the highest quality and sharpness of details.

I personally own a professional photo plotter, which allows me to directly print my crests. In addition to printing on paper, I also offer the option to print my crests on various items such as napkins, mugs, pillows, and more. This allows you to further personalize your wedding and create a truly unique and memorable atmosphere.

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