FAQ - Questions & Answers

Can you ship/provide the original painting?

In Italy we have a law that oblige me to request a special certificate in order to ship an original painting. That take too long time (don't depends by me but by italian Authority). So, yes, I can but I cannot give you turnaround time for this.

Which is the difference from crest and crest+invite?

With crest, you get only the crest, with crest+invite you get the crest + the invitation card (the invitation have additional design).

Can you ship crest original painting?

No, crest are made by painting all the elements (every flowers, leaves, dog/venue portrait, crest shape, letters...) SEPARATELY. So there is not an original painting.
Please read my process on crest description.

Can you provide a vector file for wedding crest and other illustrations?

All my illustrations are watercolor paintings, I scan them with 300 dpi (on request I can do also 600 dpi). They are raster image, a painting cannot be vectorized. If I do that, it will loss quality. Don't worry, every image I provide have 300 dpi (the standard for printing files). You can print the file on the size provided in every product.

Can you provide PNG with transparent background?

Yes, it's included in wedding crests, and other main products.

What type of files do you provide for crests?

  • PNG and JPG with white and transparent background.
  • Crest with pet/venue
  • crest without pet/venue
  • file about pet/venue portrait.

I have a wedding business or other, can I use the crest as logo or for other commercial material (printed or social media/web)?

The prices you see in this website are for personal license (for a bride who use illustrations for her wedding). If you need to use my products for your business, you need to buy a commercial license +€80.
But please note, I'm an illustrator, and wedding crest are not logos. It's not professional for you to use an illustration as a logo. Otherwise you can use a crest, or a venue portrait to make decorative signs, on social media, etc...

Are your illustrations digital computer generated / a trick with an app?

Someone ask me this, and I was a bit disappointed, because to make a venue or dog portrait I need 3-4 hours or more. And also because I share timelapse of my paintings.

To make portraits of venues and dogs I need high resolution photos with the perspective/pose/angle you want to appear in the painting.

High resolution (big image) it’s important because I’m able to see as many details as possible in order to include them on the painting. 

After your purchase, I’ll start with a drawing of your venue/dog.

I scan it and I send to you via email.

When you approve drawing (you can also request changes), I’ll start the painting.

I send to you also this proof. You can approve it or ask for changes.

Also in this final step, you can ask as many revisions you want. 

Dog portraits are digital paintings: I paint it with a graphic tablet and a digital pen. You can ask revisions. 

For flowers and greenery, I start directly painting them. Then, I scan paintings and I edit them. 

Every element of a crest (every flowers, every leave, portrait, etc) is painted separately so I can edit them.

I do a little color correction to the scanned image.


Are the colors in your photos exactly the same as in the prints?

I pay a lot of attention to monitor calibration and test prints. Due to the nature of Digital (RGB Colors) versus Printing (CMYK Colors), slight color variation may occur based on the calibration of your monitor. I recommend to do test prints before printing in bulk.

How many revisions do you offer on custom crest, suite, illustrations?

All my crest, suite, venue & pet portrait, custom illustrations have 2 rounds of revisions. You can buy extra revisions if needed. Please note, after you approved the file you cannot ask other revisions.

Some products can have other number of revisions. Read products descriptions.

About typos errors & assembly on printed invitations

I will in no event be responsible for errors approved by clients. If there is a typo, I offer reprints at a reduced rate. However, if you receive an incorrect print that does not match the proofs you approved, I will take full responsibility and provide complimentary reprints.

Do you make proofs before purchase?

No, I can't work for free. Every illustrations I made takes me hours of works. You can customize your illustration. 

Availability on custom orders and turnaround time

My turnaround time for custom illustrations is 5-10 days. Turnaround time depends on how do you reply to me to make changes (example: if you reply with many days of delay). In the majority of cases, I provide a first proof in 24/48 hours, then you can make any changes you want, and after that, time depends on how faster you reply to me. I suggest to download the Etsy app for this purpose.

Refund on custom orders

Please note, because of the nature of these items, I can't accept returns, cancellations and refunds for templates/printables and custom illustrations: wedding crest, pet & venue paintings, etc... 

Do you ship to US?