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Custom wedding crest with watercolor flowers

Custom wedding crest with watercolor flowers

FIRST PROOF READY IN 1-10 WORKING DAYS (since you give me the data)

Get a timeless, everlasting symbol of your union and celebrate your love story with a whimsical watercolor crest.

A wedding crest is a keepsake that can be featured on your stationery, used on labels or stickers, on welcome signs, or on napkins and other stuff. That's why getting a generic crest for your wedding is out of the question.

Custom made watercolor crests offer unparalleled individuality, it's a symbol of your love, and perhaps something you want to pass on to your future children and grandchildren. So, it ought to be unique, creative, and masterfully crafted.

💍 Just For You! Your Crest is tailored upon your request, and is individually created for your wedding stationery.

📖 Tell Your Story: With a crest adorning your stationery, you'll give your love story that fairytale vibe you're looking for.

🎨 Obsessively Detailed: Each wedding crest is designed with careful attention to detail according to your requirements: you can choose colors, flowers, greenery, monogram, add a pet or venue portrait or ginger jars.

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      Extra - Add a cat or dog portrait, venue painting or 2 jars (price change based on add-ons)
      Sizes and fine art prints

      Please note: you will receive your order after full payment. Add-ons cannot be automatically added to installments. Please, send me a message.


      Please, note:

      • crest images on this website are works done for other clients and they cannot be copy or resell.
      • Please note, I don’t make figurative illustrations (no people portraits).
      • Wedding crest are paintings, for this reason they are not logo, they cannot be vector. Please view images to see what vectors can look like.
      • Colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.
      • Every element of the crest is painted separately, so I can edit it. Example: if you want your dog in the crest, but you don't know where, I can move the dog portrait up and down the crest, or to left/right, and you can choose which option works better for you.

      Refund policy

      Given the unique nature of custom artwork and the potential for unauthorized copying, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept returns. However, I want to ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchase. If you encounter any issues with your item, kindly inform me within 48 hours of receiving it, and I will make every effort to address and resolve the matter to the best of my abilities. Your feedback is valuable, and I am committed to ensuring a positive experience for each customer.

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      What brides say

      • 1. Choose your shield shape and color

        I have no limit to shield shape and color. Just let me know your palettes and preferences for shape. You can keep inspiration from my past wedding crests. Please, don't ask me to copy an other artist.

      • 2. Choose your banner shape and color

        You can write your wedding date, or your last name, or simply don't have a banner.
        No limit to shape!

      • 3. Choose your monogram design and color

        You can choose to use a calligraphic style, or to have a vintage monogram.
        Only 2 letters - Click here to see vintage letters
        2 or 3 letters - Click here to see modern calligraphy

      • 4. Choose your floral and greenery

        You can choose flowers from past works or view this pdf

        Or just let me know which flowers and greenery you want to use. It can be related to your wedding or not.

      • 5. Add icons

        Add flags, a butterfly or other little extras

      • 6. Add a pet portrait - extra option (price change)

        Send me a photo of your pet, and I will paint a digital hand portrait with Procreate. You will have it also as separate file.

      • 7. Add a venue portrait - extra option (price change)

        You can add a venue or home watercolor painting to your crest and have it also as separate file.

      • 8. Add two jars - extra option (price change)

        Add two watercolor jars with topiaries or flowers.

      Learn about the process

      Transform Gifts, Stationery, and Home Decor with Meaningful and Adorable Custom Crests!

      • STEP ONE


      • If you have questions or doubts, you can book a chat with me for a free consultation. Do you want to book? Go to the step 2.

      • STEP TWO

        Purchase your crest

      • If you want a floral crest you can proceed to purchase your crest. If you need to make something different to my style, I need to know some details.
        Now, you can book a chat or go to purchase your crest.

      • STEP THREE

        Choose details

      • After you purchase a crest, I will contact you with an email and ask all the details I need to know about: shields, banner, colors, wedding date, letters, monogram, flowers, etc...

        After ask all these questions, I will send you a floral board with the flowers I want to use, and monogram proof. So you can tell me if you like or not. This is a preliminary step that help me to understand if I’m doing well.

        You will receive your first proof after few days (from 1 day to 10 days max).

      • STEP FOUR

        Revisions and changes

      • The sooner you will reply to me, the sooner I will make the revisions.
        Every crest come with 2 rounds of revisions included.
        So, after the first proof you can ask all the changes you want, you will receive a second proof, you can ask other changes, you will receive a third proof. Here you can approve the file or buy extra revisions. Every extra revision price is €10.

      • STEP FIVE

        Receive the files

      • Once you approve the artwork, you cannot make any further changes. When you approve your crest, you will receive your PNG and JPG files with 300 dpi. The size of the crest is 16x18 inches, it means you can print up to this size. You can print smaller but not bigger.

        The crest is an illustration and cannot be vector. I can transform it in a vector file, but it will loose the watercolor illustration. Learn more here.

      • STEP SIX

        Print your crest

      • You can print by yourself, or select items from my shop. Every crest come with a personal use license. Commercial use is not included.

        If you want to print with me, the printing turnaround time is 7-10 days + 5/7 days for shipping.

      Do you want to chat?

      Schedule a 15 min chat! Ask all the questions you want about your custom crest. It's completly free.

      About me

      I started painting wedding crests in 2021 after spending years designing wedding stationery as a graphic designer. I primarily worked for Italian brides but without much success, often feeling misunderstood. In 2021, I decided to open an Etsy shop and discovered the immense popularity of these beautiful themes in the United States. During the pandemic in 2020, I had taken numerous online courses on watercolor techniques. Inspired by this newfound knowledge, I began creating a few crests, and within a couple of months, I found myself inundated with dozens and dozens of requests. The demand for my work soared, and I realized I had found my true calling in the world of wedding crests.

      My background as a graphic designer greatly aids me in creating a flawless print-ready file. All of my crests are designed to be printable up to A2 size, ensuring the utmost quality and sharpness of detail. I personally own a professional-grade photo plotter, allowing me to print directly from simple JPG or PNG files. In addition to printing on paper, I also offer the option to print my crests on various objects such as napkins, mugs, pillows, and more. This enables you to further customize your wedding and create a truly unique and memorable atmosphere.

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