About me

I forgot to introduce myself. So, here we go… My name is Maria Paola and I live in Sardinia, in Italy. I work with brides worldwide, most came from United States and United Kingdom.
I got my start, designing the wedding stationery for my cousins during the college. But, if you told me eventually I’d design wedding stationery for a living, I would’ve laughed.

As evidenced by the hundreds of drawings magazines I collected over the years, I wanted to work in the art industry. I have been a graphic designer for ten years, and for six years I have dedicated myself exclusively to the wedding industry.
As I said in the lines above, before being a wedding designer, I pursued on a career in graphic design. I studied for a year in a design school in Milan. Fast forward a few years later, I was a bit annoyed with designing web graphics and brochures, and working for web agencies, so I had the brilliant idea, to put my creativity at the service of brides. I dedicated the next years to bespoke wedding stationery, and I won the Italian Wedding Award.